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"People may forget what you say
And people may forget what you did
But people will never forget how you made them feel"

Linda Gayle: First of all, I meant to write you a note much earlier than this, but work has been a bear! Anyway, the party was fantastic! Arnold and I enjoyed ourselves immensely and can't wait to come again . . . and again, and again, and again! Ha! As an event planner, I'm usually very critical of "events" but you guys are pros! The whole thing, from start to finish, was very well done. And the orientation was sooooo helpful! All my questions were answered and it was a wonderful way to meet people and get more comfortable. By the time of the party, I was feeling pretty comfortable, but still a little shy. I don't think I'll be as shy next time. I'm ready to experience it even more fully than I did this time. (And Arnold is very glad--he was chomping at the bit, but very sweet to rein himself in so I was comfortable!)

So thank you so much for all you did (including showing Arnold and I a little extra attention). You and Tom are fabulous! I do have two questions: 1) where do you get almond oil? 2) what did you put into the lather machine? We'll be getting the lather machine and the almond oil--hopefully this week! Again, thanks so much! Can't wait to attend again. And hopefully Jen and Omar will be there too! JH

Lynda Gayle: Thank you for the evening of June 30, and to let you know I'll be sending in my reservation for July 21 in the mail. Since that one will be closer to home, and I won't have to do the orientation, my energy level should be better then. You and Tom made it look easy, but I could tell that there was a lot of hard work to put this on, and also, a lot of organizational skills involved. Of all the good impressions I had of the event, I guess I have to say that Christine and Ray sort of stood out for me. I hope sometime they can make it back. If anyone could persuade my wife to attend, it would be people like them. If you wish to give them my email address, that will be fine with me. I look forward to the 21st, and to seeing you then.

Dear Lynda Gayle: I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great time that I had on Saturday night. It was such a delight to see so many people with such an open attitude toward sex and enjoyment of life. The people were just great, the atmosphere was truly open, and you and your husband were gracious hosts. I look forward to attending another event very soon. Your Friend Bill.

PS: Thanks again.

LG, we just want to thank you very much for a fun weekend in Orlando. You are quite the hostess and it is apparent that a lot of planning and hard work goes into your events. A comfort level came easily with your group of friends. Also, the mutual respect was awesome and we feel as if we've been inaugurated by the "best." We enjoyed learning and experimenting. Please share our appreciation with your co-hosts. We look forward to seeing you again -- S & L :-)

Hi Tom and Linda: You seem to have it exactly right - it took a couple of days for all the sights and sensations of the party to filter through to my conscious mind. What a fantastic time I had! For some reason, I decided on a lazy day on Sunday - just relaxing by the pool. Many things struck me about the experience, but foremost was how fun-loving and downright nice the group was! How welcoming they were of a stranger from overseas. I immediately felt part of the group and that is so, so warm and comforting. I am so looking forward to the next time. I really think you both have created something really special with Relate. Take care, Richard.

LG & T : We want to let you know that being at your Party was a wonderful experience, from the informative and humorous orientation and getting to know you and other newcomers like ourselves and your warm inclusion into your club, to the fun dinner we all had together and getting to know each other it was a warm and welcoming introduction. Then the party exceeded all our expectations, the cameraderie and loving all around us was exhilarating and more fun than we expected. We sure would like to see you again and we plan on attending another one of your parties. B&J (Bobbie & John)

Tom & Lynda Gayle: Ahhh well. I suppose it is to be expected that you will get the occasional rascal turning up. I am sure you are right to be firm about this because to me, one remarkable aspect of your group is just how darned nice everyone is! For example, on the way out, I was chatting with Joyce and Gary from Port Richey. We hadn't exchanged a word ever before, but we stood in the car park for 10 minutes or so just chatting about the evening, exchanging anecdotes and generally getting to know each other. I am SO looking forward to the next time

Take care Richard.

PS Trained or not, you really do have a great memory for names and faces!

Dear Lynda Gayle and Tom:Thank You Lynda Gayle for throwing a great party last night. Sounded like and looked like its was business as usual for you. I had a great time, and I appreciate everything you did for me, from the invitation to the nice rub down and whirlpool bath at the end of the party, TY...RB

Dear Tom & Lynda Gayle: I can relate to the tired thing, I always feel like I ran a marathon after a party. I give it my all or why go if you don't? I was that kid that never wanted to go to bed because I was afraid I'd miss out on something, and at parties I'm the same, flitting from person to person, group to group, afraid I'll miss a unique and fun experience. I even like to watch how other people do things, so I can learn and try new stuff myself. I had a great time, thanks. Marjie

Dear Tom & Lynda: I want to thank you guy's very much for a wonderfull time on Saturday. You Tom and all of your guest made me feel so comfortable, and I don't see how you could of made it any better. It was perfect! I am looking forward to going again, hopefully soon. I will not be able to make it this saturday though.Once again Thanks for everything. Richard

Dear Tom and Linda, Thanks again for such a wonderful time. I have never seen so much sex going on at one time.It sure had changed from our first time.It was so erotic watching all the sex go on. We had never seen 2 guys suck each other. When you and Janet got together was so intense. That image will serve for many a hard on. Someday maybe Jolyna will be ready to jump in.thanks for introducing us to Janet and Robert. We got together earlier that day and I took pictures for them during sex and then he took some of Jolyna and I. I hope to send you some of them when Robert sends them to me. We all hope to get together again for more fun and hopefully sex together. I will let you know the details if and when it happens.Stay in touch Love Randy & Jolyna

Tom & Lynda Gayle: Saturday nite was one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you guys for making me feel so welcome and accepted into your group. I enjoyed myself, and hopefully, was enjoyed also. Am looking forward to the next party I can attend in march with much anticipation. Again thank you both for the wonderful jobs you do. Jay

Tom & Lynda Gayle: Wow, what a day. Gary hasn't come down off cloud 9 yet and hasn't stopped talking about it. He will never forget Ground Hog Day. Thank you for all the guidance and love. We are still celebrating with my new "stud". I am keeping him home on Tuesday - I feel that he will be a danger on the roads. He has gotten me to feel really special and I am responding with the proper gratitude. Thank you again, Hugs and Kisses G & K

Hi Tom & Lynda: Just wanted to say that we had a great time on saturday evening even though we did not stay for the AGM at 10:30 - but I was kinda tired and with the drive home we left before it started. Sounds like you all had a good time and that everyone enjoyed watching. Tom thanks for helping me DE-STRESS. As usual your fingers perform Magic.

See you both soon. Love Denise & Larry

Tom & Lynda Gayle: I had a FANTASTIC time last night! I can't wait to come back. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable. Love, Carla

Dear Tom & Lynda Gayle: What a night !!!!!!! Of course you know what Sugar did at the party but after we got home about 12:30 she was still hot. She got me hot and we started playing with every thing in house. I would have bet money she was done when we left the party. I thought I was done but she changed that. We started fucking and I started having rolling orgasms and she kept having them to. I don't know how long it lasted but when I finally rolled of her it was 3 in the morning. That's not all we woke up about 10 and damed if we both wanted to fuck again. I don't what you created but we have never done that in 46 years. Thank you love it is blowing my mind Love Gary & Sugar

Dear Tom and Lynda Gayle: Thank you for making our "first time" so special. We learned a lot and really appreciated all the time you spent with us. We have some unforgettable good memories and good feelings to keep with us for a long time. You said there was a book you'd recommend? 'Til Nex Time, We send our very best wishes, D and M

Dear Tom and Lynda: Thanks for the heads up on Tuesday syndrome! Needless to say we spent a lot of time discussing the party, both that night and the following day! We will definitely be back again, maybe taking in the event in Tampa the next time. We will stay in touch, thanks again for your patience and understanding. J & C

Dear Tom and Lynda --
    For someone who talks so damn much, I am finding it difficult to locate the words big enough to describe how much Saturday meant to me. I haven't even completely finished telling D about all that happened and all that I learned.
    L is indeed a very special person, and she and I are going to be in touch this week about a variety of things. And Ax emailed me today, and we might hook up for lunch sometime soon. I made some good friends in just one day, and I have you two to thank for it (among about a dozen other things I've yet to comprehend).
    I feel like a door has just opened, and I've only stuck my head through the doorway so far. I'm looking forward to exploring further. As new revelations make themselves apparent, I'll be sure to keep in touch. In the meantime, take care of yourselves.All my best --Ty

T & LG
    Since joining Club Relate C and I have found the members to be an eclectic mix of well mannered guys & gals who all have a super time doing our favorite things. It is always exciting & full of suprises! J & C

    I felt comfortable the entire day. Had the orientation been threatening or made me feel uneasy, I would have hit the pavement and driven south.
I don't think I've fully digested the happening yet. As for you busying your self at the party, promises, promises, promises. You never did show me how enjoyable a spanking could be.
    It was very nice to meet you and Tom. You really go out of your way to be gracious hostesses hosts. Until next time, I'll be hiding behind the bush.

T & LG
    To say that this club is unique or that it is one of a kind, is to understate a fact. It is a club, yes! But really, it is a group of beautiful friends with similar "tastes". How exciting to be there. You can be the center of attention, or just blend into the wallpaper. It's YOUR choice. M & J

Dear Tom & Lynda Gayle
    Though we are back in XXX for about 3 weeks, we still (of course) are thinking back to the wonderful hours with you at the parties. Lynda, you are a perfect hostess. While staying in Daytona Beach all the years we went to several clubs, but it was all the same. There were cliques, nobody introduced you, nobody took care of you, nobody kept the mostly too many men from urging your woman permanently to things she did not want to do. Unfortunately we did not know your club, which I found by chance in the internet just a few weeks before starting our last journey in October; late but not too late!!!
    Lynda, my English is not so perfect to tell you in detail what it is that makes you so unique in handling your guests, especially when you are accompanied with a person who is shy and reluctant to get involved, but who is nevertheless eagerly waiting for someone (female), who takes her to some activity - and perhaps to heaven. Lynda, and the people you gather around you are so well educated and wonderful. My wife was simply speechless when this nice lady La gave her her shoes as a present after only asking her, where those shoes could be bought (but unfortunately she did not care for women).And this fantastic TARCY. Of course we went to XXX for a visit at her place - and my wife was and is still happy about the result. As you told me that she is already "accredited" to your club, I think you will see her soon and then give her a kiss from us. And regards to Aa and "tool-officer" Dk ! Dear Lynda, of course we are looking forward to seeing you again, but we still don't know, if we will return to Daytona Beach already in spring or if it will be not before fall. Till then I'll stay up to date by looking on your web-page (it is not necessary to send me all the e-mails before each party - it makes us so sorry not be there!!).

    I have been to this club innumerable times--beginning as a recent widow never having been to a club before. I found the principals to be warm, nurturing and considerate--as where the "old members" and newbies. 5 months ago I met my lover at the club-for which we both are grateful. We continue to attend meetings as often as possible and consider Lynda Gail and Tom to be 2 of our closest friends. L & B

T & LG
    Hey, we just got home from the Hotel and have to tell you two (that includes you, Mr. Wonderful) "thanks" for all you did.  Our "little miss muffet" just couldn't sit on her tuffet any longer.  Lynda and her boys put the wood to her and plum wore her out.  We really appreciate all you guys do for us but more importantly for all the people you guys take in: to your hearts and your home....Love, us!

T & LG
You have an excellent club with a relaxing and positive environment! It's the best experience you'll ever have in the state of Florida!!! And most of all, no pressure... good for singles and couples alike. If you can't have a good time at this club, hang it up because your NEVER going to have as great a time as being at Club Relate!!

T & LG
    Well, you darlings pulled off quite a surprise, much to my delight and pleasure.  What a devilishly elegant evening.  How could any lady in America (with the exception  of Lynda Gayle) be luckier than me? Thank you for your friendship, fun and caring that you so generously share.  Our idols!!!
 Love, hugs and kisses to you both!   S & M

T & LG
    Thanks for loving me so much.  I feel so much better and sleep better when you call to let me know that you are home safe. I woke up at 2:00AM and remembered that you called and that you were safe at home in Tom's arms. Then I was able to roll over and go back to sleep. The visions were all in my head last night.  Tom was so cute this weekend, I could actually see how much he cares about me and how he worries about me. He was sweet when we danced to our song, up to the point where he bit me.
    You are an incredible woman, I love the love and caring that you show to everyone. Have a great day,  I'll talk to you later.  Suppost to try to have dinner with Lr, hopefully he won't get to busy with work.  I am excited about actually having a date with Dy for Wednesday.   All My Love, F

T & LG
    I am relatively new to the "lifestyle" and have had the opportunity to visit on-premise clubs in S FL prior to experiencing Club Relate. I was pleasantly suprised to see the difference. This Club offers everyone the chance to do as little or as much as they want to do without anyone expressing an opinion as to what is considered to be right or wrong. The people were real and open - one did not need to belong to a clique to be recognized and have a good time. Also, as a straight female, my wishes were respected and I was not told that I had to participate with other women nor was I hassled by any. Their rule of "Thank you, but no thank you" was accepted across the board.  Sn

Dear Lynda and Tom,
    How very sweet of you. Yes, we were very comfortable and had an outstanding evening. Pretty easy to do when #1 your Host and Hostess are the high caliber of people that you and Tom are and #2 have not only good insights about people, but instincts as well #3 as kindness and humor. All of the ingredients of your cake are not only delicious, but infectious in delightful ways.
    Lynda, we felt that we knew you, but look forward to spending more time with you in the future. Tom, we felt like you were part of our family for years. Aren't the two of you fortunate to have found each other. Perfect matches. So, young lovers, wherever you are. Until that time!!
Hugs and kisses,  Me and Se

 T & LG
    This club is the best I've visited. It is a nonjudgemental place with real people where you can express and explore your sensuality.I have been to the places where you are judged upon looks, age and shape. They "suck" by comparison, as do the people who attend. We find those people to be narcissistic and shallow and spend most of their time dancing in front of mirrors. We find the people at Club Relate to be open, accepting and warm. You cannot ask for a better "swinging" experience. Rates a 10+!   Se

Dear T & LG
    I attended the Oct.21 party and I just thought that I should say thanks. I had a great time and felt very welcome and unthreatened. The two of you are very gracious hosts and I hope to be in the area in the new year so that I may attend another party. I regret leaving the party after the first break but it worked out well for me. Thanks again, and I hope to play with you in the new year. DT

T & LG
    What can I say, WOW. Last night was very enjoyable, Thanks to all. Best of all was learning something new. If we fail to try, we fail to learn. If we fail to learn, we fail to live. Looking forward to next time and still another learning experience. Even if I don't get to attend I love to hear what is going on. FK

Tom & Lynda Gayle
    Our first experience at clubs and for that matter swinging. This club introduces couple/singles to the lifestyle in a manner that feels safe and comfortable. we had a wonderful time and met some great folks, not to mention the hosts. Looking forward to a return visit! A & BJ

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